Hello and welcome

Hi there and welcome! I am so excited to have you on board and to share these next few weeks with you as we work together in crafting the visual brand identity that your business deserves. Firstly, thanks a million for choosing to work with me, I am thrilled to have you on board and look forward to working together. Secondly - Congratulations! You just made a wonderful investment in your business! Let’s get going!

Below is a step-by-step guide on the branding process and the questionnaire is the first step to your new branding. It is therefore important that you read through it all and answer the questions as best you can. This will guide me in the design process. 

What you can expect from the next few weeks & the branding process explained:

PHASE 01: Preparation 

  1. 50% Deposit payment to book your spot

  2. Terms & conditions signed & emailed to Matilda

  3. Branding questionnaire & Pinterest exercise - Private board shared with Hello it’s Matilda

  4. Timeline worked out by Matilda & timeline approval 

Before the project start date:

  • Share any document wording with Matilda, eg: business card wording, poster wording, flyer wording, price guide wording prior to the start of the design phase  

  • Share your social media accounts with Matilda or create your business’s social media accounts and share the links with Matilda to use in branding prior to the start of the design phase

  • Share you secret pinterest board with Matilda

  • Share your filled in questionnaire with Matilda


  • Research & Discovery

  • Brand Overview & Target Audience

  • Style board indicating the visual direction I plan on taking the branding project. The style board will include fonts styles I plan on using, illustration styles, photography styles/imagery, layout styles, brand colour inspiration, etc. It is important that you share which of these elements you like & don’t like before the design execution phase starts to make sure we don’t waste any time. This phase is important as it is  essential to ensure that we are both on the same page with where I plan on heading with the branding

  • Brand Concept


  • Logo Concept & Logo Design

  • Logo Sub-Mark

  • Secondary Logo design / Logo Variation(s)

  • Brand Colours

  • Brand Fonts

  • Basic Mockups to illustrate what logo design would look like when applied (like business card design, email signature design, social media pages design)

  • Brand illustration or pattern concept / mood board

PHASE 04: Design & Refine

  • Finalising Logo designs

  • Finalising brand colours & rules of use

  • Finalising brand fonts & rules of use

  • Business card design

  • Email signature design

  • Social media pages design

  • Brand illustrations / pattern design starts

PHASE 05: Roll Out

  • Roll out onto additional add-ons discussed before branding process started

  • Final design approval phase

  • Outstanding payment once all design has been approved

Phase 06: Handover

  • Final files are handed over via Dropbox in all the required formats

  • Please copy over the handover files on your side and make a backup of all files as I need to gradually clear out my Dropbox folder to make space for new work, please notify me once you have done this

  • We can now start any printing & production that needs to happen. I can recommend paper & printers to you and you are welcome to handle things yourself or I can assist you in the production process at my hourly rate. I charge an hourly fee for my time in collecting quotes & managing the production process for you (R450 on average). 

  • Congratulations on your brand new business! You can now celebrate and upload your new social media pictures & announce your brand new look to your audience! I hope that you enjoy your new branding, thank you for placing your trust in my craft and choosing to work with me!

  • Support: I am always here for any questions you may have after the handover phase. I can make small adjustments to any existing design files for you or if you would like to add-on any other collateral or branding material as your business grows and your business needs change. Extra design will be quoted for individually based on my hourly rate of R450 p/h.  



Please download the applicable interactive pdf questionnaire below, fill it in and email it back to me. This is a editable PDF, no need to print anything out. You can simply type in this document, save and email is back to me. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or if any of the questions are unclear. Have fun!